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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Jakarta Fair 2016 begins June 10, will coincide with Ramadan

The Jakarta Fair, an festival and exhibition, will be held at JIExpo Kemayoran from June 10 to July 17, coinciding with Ramadan, the fasting month and Eid.

"Jakarta Fair coincides with fasting month and the Eid break, something that happens once every 3 years. It opens many opportunities for all the businessmen involved," said PT JIExpo Marketing Director, Ralph Scheunemann, during a press conference in Jakarta on Monday.

The exhibition that will be opened by President Joko Widodo has a target to attract 5 million visitors and at least Rp5 trillion in transaction value within 38 days of execution.

Being organized under the slogan, "Lets celebrate Eid together at Jakarta Fair," the organizers hope that the event offers an alternative to those wishing to spend their Eid holiday away from the usual tourism destinations in Jakarta.

Even though most residents from the capital city will be going back to their hometowns during Eid, PT JIExpo organizers were confident that visitors number would not fall.

"Only about 30 percent of the residents are expected to return home, which means approximately 5-6 million people will remain in the city from among its 9 million residents," explained Ralph.

Also, many people residing elsewhere are most likely to return to Jakarta.

This year, the organizers are also preparing new rides, such as an ice skating rink, a snow playground and a vicious prison.

The Jakarta Fair will open its doors everyday during Ramadan from 3.30 PM to 10 PM, Monday through Friday, and 10 AM to 11 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

Visitors will be able to enjoy the festivities at the Jakarta Fair 2016 by paying an admission fee of 20,000 rupiah on Mondays, 25,000 rupiah Tuesday through Thursday, and 30,000 rupiah Friday through Sunday and on national holidays. (Antara)

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