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Yoga has been practiced for many hundreds of years, dating back to ancient times in India. Today, Yoga has become a lifestyle and health trend, now followed all over the world. The word Yoga is taken from Sanskrit, meaning “integration, or union”.
Although it seems that the Yoga movement is mainly focused on stretching the muscles, it actually contains a deeper philosophy. Meditation is among  benefits that you will experience to refresh your body and soul. As for your physique, Yoga challenges you to improve your balance, self awareness, strength and focus. Yoga will also give you a better posture and has proven to boost health and wellness when one practices it regularly. It's a practice to harmonize your body with your mind. Finding inner peace and tranquility while exercising and improving your muscles' agility are at the core of the spirit of Yoga.
The island of Lombok in the Weat Nusatenggara province  is known for its pristine blue waters and pearly beaches. Visit Lombok and immerse yourself deeper in this serene environment for your personal relaxation, away from the usual crowds that you may find elsewhere. With the rise of international tourists and domestic visitors each year to the island, more and more shala are opened here that offer Yoga as your opportunity to release your stress and tension, as you inhale pristine air.
Here are a number of establishments, that you can definitely enjoy, to refresh and be re-invigorated.
1. Novotel Lombok 
A beach front and exclusive resort with local Sasak styled architecture, the Novotel Lombok offers more than just accommodation. With luxurious facilities and activity galore for visitors to enjoy, this holiday getaway is perfect for everyone in the family. Yoga classes are available at different times,  performed just by the white sandy beach and pristine sea. Try the afternoon yoga, to feel refreshed and rejuvenated while admiring the crimson sky at sunset.
Mandalika Resort Pantai Putri Nyale, 
83573 Pujut Lombok Tengah
2. Ashtari
Various styles are performed here throughout the day, inviting visitors to experience the art of Yoga. Detailed instructions and personal assistance to each person in the class surely provides positive confidence especially for beginners. The Yoga Place is supported by qualified and certified teachers that combine traditional yoga with modern insights. Focusing on your wellbeing and Yoga benefits for the mind and body, this place also comes with a lovely Garden Cafe that serves nutritious meal and healthy drinks.
Jl. Ikan Pelatuk 
(Sunset Forest Road) Gili Trawangan
4. Gili Yoga
Breathe, sweat and transform yourself through  the soulful techniques of each Yoga movement. The Gili Yoga offers all types of styles, and even has a special program for those who wish to qualify as Yoga teachers. Besides Yoga, this beach-side retreat gives you a chance to experience free diving. While, proper breathing techniques for divers, and a free diving yoga class are also available for any skill level. Accommodation is available with cozy Sasak style interior to guarantee your comfortable stay.
Gili Trawangan 

5. H20 Yoga and Meditation Center 
Bathed in natural beautiful landscape, beaches and ocean front, this facility provides you with a range of holistic healing treatments, Certified teacher training programs will give you a chance to upgrade your skills at Yoga. The Meditation retreat is a program designed for you to balance both your mind and body. Simple and comfortable thatched roofed bungalows are a neat place to stay in and unwind. Try the Zen Veranda, a calm place to read books about Yoga, meditation or other related topics. And get some fun as an island hopper, to explore the marvels of Gili Air, annd the nearby Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan.
Gili Air 

6. Mandala Blue Seaview Yoga
This sea view studio is located just a walk away from the blue waters, making it breezy and easy to try the asana. Practice your synchronized breathing  as essential part of Yoga technique to relieve stress and any mental blocks that have become your negative energy. Feel your joints and muscles stretch, and make you a lot more flexible. Other exciting activities are spiritual workshops, massage phylosophy and techniques of acro yoga. With the fast growing awareness of the need for a healthy lifestyle, Yoga continues to expand with various methods, techniqes and goals. Worldwide connections on the internet have made this physical activity grow in fame and popularity in particular with those who long to obtain holistic healing.
Address : 
Gili Air, 
Gili Indah, Pemenang 

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