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Monday, July 9, 2018

400 thousand foreign tourists expected to visit Sleman

Photo document of Volcano Tour Merapi. (ANTARA FOTO/Aloysius Jarot Nugroho)
The Tourism Office of Sleman District in the Yogyakarta Special Region is optimistic of achieving the target of 400 thousand foreign tourist arrivals in the district in 2018.

"We are very optimistic that the target of 400 million foreign tourist visits would be achieved, as until the first semester of 2018, the number of foreign tourist arrivals has reached 300 thousand," Bantul Tourism Office Chief Sudarningsih remarked here on Saturday.

She said the target is one of Sleman District`s efforts to support the Ministry of Tourism`s program, targeting 20 million foreign tourist arrivals in Indonesia this year.

"According to the target of the Ministry of Tourism, the tourist destinations in Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang (Joglosemar) are expected to contribute 10 percent to the number of foreign tourist arrivals, and for Sleman alone, the estimated figure is as many as 400 thousand," she noted.

Sudarningsih remarked that the popular destinations in Sleman District are still natural attractions on the slopes of Mount Merapi, temple tours, shopping and culinary tours, tourist villages and museums, as well as artificial tourism.

The natural attractions of Merapi slopes, such as Kaliurang, Volcano Tour Merapi, and Merapi Volcano Museum, are still popular among tourists today.

In addition, she remarked that new attractions, such as the Brecken Cliffs Park in Prambanan, Banyunibo Temple Area, and "Lava Pillow" in Berbah, also attract several domestic and foreign tourists.

Sleman has numerous natural, artificial, historical, cultural, and rural tourism attractions that have special appeal for both local and foreign tourists. (Antara)

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